• Captain Steve

What's in a Name?

Naming a boat is one of the more difficult challenges. An old salt told me a boat name should be short, not require translation, or require explanation. You will most often be calling a Port Captain, a marina, or the Coast Guard. Spending time repeating and spelling is no fun. Naming a used boat is easy – just keep the name. We had Close Encounters, Pagan, Bodacious, and Shadowfax.

When deciding on a name I wanted to avoid a stupid name – about half the boats in the world have already cornered that. I didn’t want a Hawaiian name (needed translation and explanation). I wasn’t about to do a mash up of the family names. I dropped some suggestions on friends and family and only considered the “I hate it” comments. I figured no one would love my choice.

I spent my career as an executive and business owner in the defense industry. My new boats had a common theme. They were missiles with a double meaning. Harpoon, our fishing boat, was easy. The Harpoon is a cruise missile. I settled on Coyote for several reasons. First, my other favorites went down in flames with a couple “I hate it” s. We had a Coyote and it was very popular in Mexico and at the customs docks. You see, a Coyote is a Mexican human smuggler. It never failed to get a chuckle from the local customs officials. It is short. It doesn’t require translation in either English or Spanish language countries and it is a Supersonic Sea Skimming Missile built by Orbital Sciences. I know it is a target missile and I hope we won’t be target, but it fit the bill.

Niece Christy, a professional graphics artist, designed the logos and other cool stuff. All available on the store (if we had one).


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