• Captain Steve

We own a cat!

Hurrah! The boat is ours. Well, at least we have paid for it and we own it and are liable for it. Actual handover to us is months away.

The process started just over two years ago off the coast of Mexico’s Baja peninsula. We were sailing along side a cruising cat that proved to me they can sail and sure looked comfortable. In early 2018 we toured several cats and decided on Coyote – the Fountaine Pajot Saona 47. The contract was finalized in early April 2018 and we have been waiting ever since. From start to leaving the factory is only about three months, but the backlog of orders was significant.

First, the boat will be detailed and float tested at the factory near La Rochelle. Then they truck it to Uchimata in La Rochelle were the mast will be stepped, bottom painted and commissioning will begin. She should arrive at the marina on 11/27. We have a long scheduled factory tour on 11/26 so with luck we can watch her be loaded. The boat is launched in France on 12/4 with scheduled France commissioning completed on 12/23. A ship is scheduled to leave France for Fort Lauderdale sometime between 12/16 and 1/10 with arrival in Florida sometime between 1/8/20 and 2/2/20. There are more than fifty options being installed at the factory or by the two commissioning yards. A four or five week commissioning in Florida before final handover sometime (as currently scheduled) sometime between 2/5 and 3/9. As we leave for the Bahamas on a six week shake down cruise at the end of March there will not be a lot of time to learn the boat.


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