• Captain Steve

Things to do before we get her

Just got updated on expected ex factory date. November 6 it is finished in the factory. Given the order was placed more than a year and a half ago that is encouraging as the original expected date was November 1. Here are some of the things we need to coordinate to make sure delivery to us is not hindered by our action or inaction.

1. Insurance. We are responsible for the boat from the moment it leaves the factory. We finalized the insurance this week but will need to make sure it is all in place on that date

2. Financing. We decided to finance about a half the boat. While I don’t believe in financing toys until we can sell Matador it will help with cash flow. We view this as short term. We have been approved and believe they have what they need, but haven’t signed loan docs, etc.

3. Cash. We are paying for about half. We’ve paid 20% so I need to rob a bank or something for some cash for the rest of our part.

4. Boat bedding. We ordered custom stuff through, some great people, but need to coordinate so they can get on the boat and measure.

5. U haul. We are shipping a bunch to the new boat which will be commissioned in Fort Lauderdale. We have a pod in mind to ship stuff from San Diego.

6. North Sails. They are building a Code 0 for the boat. Need to coordinate their effort with ACY.

7. Boat shipping. We are shipping the boat from La Rochelle to Fort Lauderdale. ACY is coordinating the contract to get this done.

8. Slip post commissioning-ACY, as with everything else, has been a great help. Will need to finalize.

9. Finalize ownership. The boat is actually owned by Coyote Shores, LLC, which is owned by the Meyer Family Trust. I am authorized to act as captain. Counsel has been great and I think we are good to go, but need a final check

10. Documentation. Key to getting the MMSI number which is key to all the safety equipment. The finance company is to help with this, but this is a long lead item so I need to make sure it starts quickly.

11. Final Contract. With shipping and last minute changes need a final contract.

12. Florida tax stickers. As we are taking delivery in Florida, but are not Florida residents and plan on leaving Florida shortly after delivery there are a couple of filings that need to be made.

13. Iridium Go and Garmin Inreach acquisition an activation. These take a while to learn so need to get these going soon.

14. Factory tour. We are visiting late November. Hopefully the boat is out of the factory, but a good chance to bond with the makers of Coyote.

15. Stuff we forgot.


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