• Captain Steve

The Journey Begins

We signed the contract to purchase a new Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 sailing catamaran on April 6, 2018. We had first become interested in November of 2017 when we sailed our third Baja Haha, a rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, a distance of 750 NM) in our Beneteau Sense 50. We were fast in a breeze off the wind and had finished in the top half dozen the first time and were near the front of the fleet during the second. But along side us the entire way was a well sailed Leopard 48. I had assumed cruising cats were dogs. A well equipped, well sailed cruising cat can be fast – at least off the wind.

Lindsey, my daughter, and I headed off to Miami to check out the cats. We fell in love with the FP Saona 47. Good looking, for a cat, tons of room, but not too big. I researched dealers and found Atlantic Cruising Yachts, the largest FP dealer in the world – a plus for resolving dealer problems. And they had a reputation as being very customer focused. We’ve owned a lot of new boats and you are extremely dependent on the dealer.

The only catch? With the popularity of the cats, out boat would not be ex factory until November 2019. The waiting begins!


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