• Captain Steve

The Annapolis Sailboat Show

Met up with many of the Fountaine Pajot and Atlantic Cruising Yacht folks at the Annapolis Boat show. The weather was perfect. It was fun to meet up with some the people I had been working with. Had a chance to ask a few questions: when do I get my builders certificate of origin? The final purchase contract? They also had an update on boat movement. Looks like work at Uchimata will be done by December 23 and the boat ready for shipment to Fort Lauderdale. Overall, I’m guessing three to four weeks late from the original schedule. Not bad.

I was amazed at the number of catamaran manufacturers. Many I have never heard of. South Africa had seven manufactures. I must say, some were butt ugly. I’m glad I got the best one. A sister ship, very similarly outfitted, was at the show. It was great to see where the washer/dryer fit, what sun shades looked like and the standard fabric.

I didn’t go on any other boats, even for a look. I met with a number of vendors, but we are remarkably well set.


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