• Captain Steve

She leaves the "womb"

Like a newborn baby she is beautiful only in the eyes of the parents. No trim, no bottom paint, no teak or other items to adorn this simple ship. She sits here in the yard in France. A bit of work still to do there before being shipped next week to the port for additional commissioning. The last couple of days have been a flurry of activity. The yard won’t release the boat to the transport company until payment in full and the bank won’t fund without a couple documents and a picture of the hull number. This morning I worked all the angles. I called my contact in France to see if he could help. We reached out to the dealer. Reached out to our broker in case we needed to come up with the balance. I was not going to let commissioning be delayed due to my failure to perform. This afternoon we got the documents and the bank said they are good to go. We are off to see the boat next Tuesday and she is scheduled to leave the factory grounds on Wednesday.


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