• Captain Steve

Post delivery commissioning

My first of two delivery crew is scheduled to arrive June 13. We plan on sailing approximately 1,100 miles from Fort Lauderdale to Annapolis. The first, and longest leg, will be to Hampton, Virginia on the South end of the Chesapeake where we will meet up with another couple along with our wives for a ten day sail up the Chesapeake. There is a lot to do and to learn before Jack arrives. We plan on departing eight days after he arrives. That will give us time to get him up to speed as well as to help with last minute projects and provisioning. I went sailing with a captain one day where we primarily practiced docking. He didn’t think highly of my skill level based on his reaction, but I didn’t break the boat. Overall, I was happy where everything ended up. In general, there was some logic to it. Storage is abundant but not always where you want it. For example, there is no overhead storage in the galley (actually there is one good sized locker) and there are about 100 storage areas in the owner’s hull. We ended up commandeering two lockers in that hull for galley provisions. The cockpit had lots of room. The anchor locker handled the primary anchor, the secondary anchor, eight venders and still had tons of room left over.

North Sails delivered the Code 0 and while we didn’t get to try it at sea, we did raise it and open it. Very cool sail.


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