• Captain Steve

Planning on Heading North

The Bahama cruising season is dead. Hurricane season is approaching. It’s time for plan B. We are taking the boat North to Annapolis for the summer. We will head south again in November. Timing is an issue. Hurricane season starts June 1, but it is hard to get anywhere now. The current plan is to fly to Fort Lauderdale near the end of May, prep the boat for about three weeks and then head north. For most of the trip you can go port to port with day sails. The Pilot Charts for June show winds predominantly out of the South or Southwest, perfect for a NNE trip. Best guess is that we will do a combination of day trips, delays due to weather or a particularly nice stop, and overnight trips. You can figure on 50 - 80 miles during daylight, but if you sail overnight and through a second day 200 – 250 miles are possible. In total it will be about 1,000 miles to get to Annapolis. We still need to research our stops. There apparently is a beautiful marina in Hilton Head. Maybe a couple day stop. I’ve already planned a first day sail to an anchorage in West Palm Beach, about 50 NM north of Fort Lauderdale. Fort Pierce has wicked tides often approaching four knots. Perhaps we can plan a stop at Canaveral for a rocket launch. Once we reach Hampton Road it is only about 110 NM to Annapolis. The crew of Jack, Jeff and I will likely invite spouses for that trip. Maybe take a week or more working North. I’m planning on most of the trip being legs ending at an anchorage. The only planned marina stop at this stage is at Hilton Head. May spend a couple nights there depending on the weather.


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