• Captain Steve

May 30 - Boxes and Boxes

The day following the hand over was move aboard day. I intended on spending the night, and every night for the next six weeks aboard. But first, I had to move everything aboard. On a prior trip I had unloaded from the Uhaul storage unit some stuff that would fit in the storage in the bows, but did not want to interfere with commissioning by having other stuff. In total, I had 42 boxes, bedding that filled a standard SUV and lots of other stuff like a pair of stand up paddle boards. Making things difficult, Coyote was rafted up outside a Jeanneau 51. That turned out to be a blessing as it was just a short step up to the Jeanneau followed by a short step up to Coyote.

I had called Uhaul the afternoon before and they told me the fork lift operator who was needed to get to the storage box, didn’t come in until 9 am. I was there a couple minutes early and there was a line that looked like it would take several hours to get to the desk. I parked around back in the middle of everything and got in line. An angry employee asked who the idiot was who parked in the middle and I sheepishly volunteered it was me. While walking to the van I asked him about the storage unit. Given that I had called the day before and the box was in front he said to just go ahead. No line for me. I made everything in two trips. Loading at the Uhaul facility was very easy as I just had to carry each box a couple feet to get into the car. Unloading was a bit more difficult. Fortunately, I got a parking space near the gate. A hundred foot walk down the dock with each box had me setting them down on the Jeanneau. I would then get on the Jeanneau, push the boxes to the other side. Load them on the side deck of Coyote and then get on Coyote and carry them to the cockpit for unboxing.

It all went rather smoothly considering it was hot and humid. During the afternoon and next day I opened and unloaded the boxes. Each box had a code which indicated what was in it so there was some order to the madness. One unexpected issue was what to do with all the trash. There were a lot of boxes that folded flat, but a ton of packing material that didn’t. There was no dumpster nearby so I ended up taking a full van of trash to Just Catamarans some distance away.


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