• Captain Steve

May 29 - Handover

I flew into Fort Lauderdale on Thursday the 28th. On Friday we spent almost the entire day on going over all the boat systems. I immediately forgot all of it but have manuals. We were slowed by a few issues. For example, the propane switch didn’t work. Why? It hadn’t been wired so they wired it. We discovered one of the holding tank monitors was never installed. All was taken care of in short order. The sail handling set up was much different than I had previously experienced but much of that would wait until the first sail. We went over the air conditioners, the electronics including updating software, the water maker, the engines and generator. Refrigeration. A couple surprises for me was the number of things that are not wired through the 12 volt panel. The salon lights, the tank monitors, the fans, the TV. They all have fuses so I guess that is OK. Also, there is no 120 volt panel in the boat. It is in the starboard engine compartment. So if you want to turn the water heater off you need to climb down into the engine compartment. A minor annoyance. By the end of the day I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I ended up with three binders of manuals along with a tote. Most of the manuals I had downloaded previously. An upcoming learning curve will be to configure the Garmin electronics to my liking. I’m very happy with the product line installed on the boat but there is a lot of customization possible.


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