• Captain Steve


How do we get the things we want on the boat from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale, the port in which Coyote will be commissioned? At first, I thought Margie and I could just check luggage with a couple trips planned during the commissioning stage and then purchasing stuff in Fort Lauderdale. Amazon has a system for shipping small package to a common local address. We considered asking the marina whether we could ship there. However, with time, we realized the amount of stuff we were sending from Matador, our current boat, along with stuff we wanted to acquire before the boat arrives made this impossible. We looked at using UPS, but the cost based on the amount we wanted to ship was too expensive. Most Pods were too big, and as a result, too expensive for our needs.

We settled on Uhaul Pods which are about 4 by 8 by 7 feet tall or 257 cubic feet. About perfect. The cost was reasonable. We are packing as much as we can in small boxes – roughly 12”x12”x16” to keep the weight down. I’m guessing we will have between thirty and forty of them. Some items are pretty big – we have two inflatable SUPs and two Sport-a-seat chairs. We plan on having an empty pod delivered to our house a couple weeks before commissioning is complete. It will only take a couple hours to pack. When it reaches Fort Lauderdale we will either have it shipped to the commissioning yard or left at the Uhaul yard where we can make a number of trips to the marina. While shipping it to the yard might work out there will likely be a tight schedule between the boat being finished in commissioning and the need to move it to a marina. As we don’t want to interfere with commissioning we will stand down with our shipment until they are essentially done.

Staging of boxes in San Diego

We still have a list of hundreds of items to get when we arrive in Fort Lauderdale. Home Depot, West Marine, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Container Store etc are just a few of the places. Margie asked will we have enough space for everything? While the boat has lots of storage we will see. Lots of the stuff will live in the bow of the two hulls in containers.


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