• Captain Steve

June 25-26 Charleston

We had found a lovely, lonely anchorage in Charleston. No one around us. Winds and rain had abated. We all fell into a deep sleep just after midnight. The next morning we moved the boat over to Charleston City marina. In the meantime I had reached out to the dealer to find a dinghy guy in Charleston. I doubted they could fix it quickly, but was concerned about the engine. I checked the oil and there was no water in it, but still wanted an expert to go over the whole engine to make sure everything was OK. We found someone and discussed options. In the end I decided to trash the dinghy as the repair would have been very costly and very obvious. I intended to get the dinghy through the Charleston dealer, but subsequently ordered it from Defender when he was unable to get one for eight weeks.

On the 26th I motored the wounded dinghy over to the boat ramp some mile and a half away. The engine started on the second pull as always and purred away. I was happy. The dinghy actually handled well as the part in the water was the rigid fiberglass and not the inflatable tubes. That evening we toured beautiful downtown Charleston, had dinner out and did some shopping at the local grocery store.


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