• Captain Steve

June 22 - Fort Pierce, Florida

Anchor was up at 0555 in Lake Worth in West Palm Beach. It took about 30 minutes to reach the ocean. We are headed for Fort Pierce, about 45 miles North. Seas calm, wind light. Fishing poles at 0800. Three fish by 0830 and we were done. We thought they were albacore, but were informed by Andrew that they were called False Tuna. Better than bonita, not as good as true albacore. Later, Jack would whip up a great seasoning and we have very nice fish tacos. We arrived at the marina at 1310 having had a knot plus favorable current.

We really hadn’t planned on stopping in Fort Pierce, but rather continue overnight to Saint Augustine, but there was a scheduled Falcon 9 rocket launch the next evening at Canaveral. Figuring we would leave Fort Pierce in the morning we would arrive at the launch site late afternoon. We would linger and watch the launch and booster landing and then continue on for two nights to Charlseton, South Carolina, thereby getting back on schedule.


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