• Captain Steve

June 1 - First Sail

Today was the first time I had ever sailed on a catamaran – ever. Well, not including day sailing catamarans. The wind was light, but we reached along well. Going to weather is not so good. Those who say cruising cats can’t sail to weather are correct. Also, because of the swept back spreaders needed because of lack of backstays the main can’t be let out very far for downwind sailing. We didn’t have our Code 0 sail yet. Speaking of the main, it is a beast – and I hate it. It is a beautiful sail when raised with its full length battens and square top, but getting it up – and down was a chore. The halyard is two to one and the electric winch struggled to get it up. Getting the battens to not get caught up in the lazy jacks was not easy. Getting it down was equally difficult as the halyard friction going through the blocks made it difficult to get it down. It will take some practice. Putting in the first and second reef was easier than expected and the smallish genoa was easy to control and trim.

We tested some systems including the watermaker – a nice piece of kit and then anchored off Fort Lauderdale in 15 feet of water. Raising the anchor was a struggle and the circuit breaker on the windlass popped a couple times. I cursed the windlass for being undersized until the anchor broke the surface and we saw it had snagged the transatlantic cable. Paul, the dealers rep, drew the short straw and had to go into the water to free things up.

I had left the dock at Las Olas and brought us to the fuel dock without problem. We were moving the boat over to the Hilton at the end of the day and that was tight. But with Paul, and his mate on the dock it wasn’t that big a deal. You cannot see the port side of the boat or the stern from the helm so you need to have someone continuously calling out the distance as you approached the pier.


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