• Captain Steve

How to get your stuff to the boat.

Updated: Feb 11

We always planned on having the boat delivered to Florida so we could cruise that part of the world before bringing the boat back to San Diego. The issue was: how do we get the stuff we already have from our prior boat, plus the new stuff we acquired clear across the country? Yes, we could have waited until the boat was delivered and bought a lot of stuff in Fort Lauderdale but; one, we didn’t want to devote the time that could be spent cruising shopping and, two, I wanted the stuff now.

But we quickly realized we weren’t talking a couple boxes we could take down to the local UPS store. We ended up with more than 40 boxes plus SUPs, tools, and all the bedding for the boat. The bedding alone filled our SUV. Most Pods were quite expensive. I stumbled upon UHaul UBox and at almost 1/3 the price I was skeptical. After reading reviews we decided to give it a try. The online booking was easy, with the only difficulty moving up the delivery date when it turned out the boat would be ready quicker than we thought. They delivered the box this morning and it easily held all our stuff. A 2,000 pound limit was not an issue as I had estimated we were less than 800 pounds. We had about 37 small home depot boxes and three larger or odd size along with about an equal volume of other stuff – mostly the bedding. It took less than a half hour to load. Tomorrow they will pick it up and within twelve days arrive in Fort Lauderdale. As we don’t know the layout of the marina we plan to rent a UHaul van and transport the contents, hopefully in one trip, to the boat.

Each box is numbered. A spread sheet describes the contents and, in general, where it will go on the boat to aid in unpacking. The estimated weight is also listed. As most all boxes are 12x12x16 inches none weighs more than 25 pounds.

While the journey is not complete and we may never actually see our stuff again we are happy with the process so far.


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