• Captain Steve


A different type of handover occurred on April 3. Normally, you spend a day with the dealer going over the boat from stem to stern learning how to use everything and doing a complete inspection. We have at least 50 options that you want to make sure are installed (since you paid for them). Some damage naturally occurs during shipment or commissioning and you want to make sure it is taken care of. Some installation is incomplete or poorly done. In our case, we were unable to travel so we weren’t there. We asked our salesman to do the walk through. A conflict? It really doesn’t matter to us as we had no option. Whether it becomes a warranty claim or a pre handover issue is not a big deal so long as you are dealing with a good dealer. And dealing with a bad one won’t get the issues fixed either way. We have a good one.

A few items came up. Most were immediately repaired. Two items, a rip in the wall covering in the guest hallway and a broken air conditioner unit will just have to wait until FP comes back to work as well as the currently quarantined air conditioning tech. Above is a shot of the boat being hauled out to replace a through hull that was broken.

What is next is anyone’s guess. The dealer is arranging a slip and will move it over. The air conditioner is set to dehumidify and to keep the temperature below 80 degrees. I will reach out to someone to wash the boat and clean the bottom – if permitted by current quarantine rules. Otherwise, we just wait. Given the Bahama trip is out our next schedule involves moving the boat north early summer to avoid hurricanes. Whether we will be able to get to the boat by then is anyone’s guess at this point. Stay tuned.


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