• Captain Steve

Finally here!

More than two years from ordering and almost seven months since we paid the final balance I finally got a chance to have our boat. I flew in from San Diego on Thursday May 28 to Fort Laudefdale and met up with the commissioning manager on Friday. We spent the entire day going over the boat. We found a couple things that weren’t working right and a couple things that were not done, but all and all a wonderful day. Friday night I stayed at the hotel, but Saturday morning bright and early I was at UHaul unloading my pod. Almost 40 boxes, bedding, stand up paddle boards and assorted stuff filled the Dodge Caravan twice. Luckily I found a parking space near where the boat was docked. Unfortunately, we were rafted up along side a Jeanneau 51 so I had to climb across the little fellow with all our belongings. She sure seemed small in comparison, By nightfall, I was exhausted but all the boxes were unloaded but in general things were all over the place. Satureday night, with six air conditioners blaring I slept on the boat. Sunday was spent storing stuff. In general, I am happy where things ended up. In most cases some logic. The amount of storage space is amazing. For example there are five huge storage areas in the master head. One for example, is where they used to mount the washer dryer.

Monday was the sea trial. Boy was I nervous. We left the dock at 1230. I was on the helm but the wind was light and there was no problem. We went through two bridges on our way out to sea. The main sail went up and boy is it a beast. It scared me to death with all the lines. We need more work on that. After a couple tacks we settled down to a 5-6 knot beam reach in 8-10 knots of wind. We practiced anchoring and it was easy. Anchor retrieval was a different issue. The circuit breaker kept popping. When the anchor broke the surface we saw we had caught what appears to be the transatlantic phone cable. Paul went into the water to free it up.

After passing through the Seventeenth Street Bridge I brought us along side the fuel dock. Easy in the light wind. Pulling into the Hilton marina scared be one last time. Very small and narrow, but again no problem.

The first sail ever on a catamaran for me was different than a mono hull, but that is a big story for another time.

Thus ended the first four days on the boat. I love it, but the learning curve will be steep. I don’t care how much sailing experience you have, a new boat is new!


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