• Captain Steve

Everyone's nightmare

Everyone has their own story. None are good. Some are truly heartbreaking. Ours is a minor inconvenience. After a few days “helping” with commissioning things were looking bleak so I headed home from Fort Lauderdale. Sat on the plane surrounded by some sick looking people. Hunkered down at home like most people. Surprisingly, they continued with commissioning and it will be done April 1 – right on the revised, revised schedule. But we can’t get there. I asked our salesman to be me and complain about everything on the hand over. I’m not concerned. Atlantic Cruising Yachts has been great to work with. They have arranged for a slip. We will settle up on the first and when we finally get there we will go through it and figure out what doesn’t work, what isn’t there, or how to use things. I said in an earlier post that the dealer is critical to a happy boat acquisition. A boat of this complexity makes it an absolute necessity. Boats aren’t like cars. If you have a problem with a new car that is a rarity. A boat builder makes something far more complex, in far fewer numbers and they are smaller than most car part makers, let alone a car maker. They do a terrible job in prepping a boat to head out to sea. Not a shot at Fountaine Pajot. Every boat builder integrates similar third party components and there are always issues. If you aren’t ready for these problems, and have a good dealer to help fix them, you will be miserable. No idea when we will get there. Everyplace we planned to go is closed. Tough luck – get over it.


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