• Captain Steve

Delivery Timing

It has been more than a year since Coyote was ordered, but according to ACY, she is still scheduled to come out of the factory on November 1. With the order, you put a 10% deposit to hold the production slot. Although we configured the boat as part of the order process you have until six months prior to it leaving the factory to make changes. And we made a lot of changes. Some, because we learned some things (there is a standard dinghy davit package so we didn’t need to order the hydraulic davits), Volvo seemed to have fixed their MDI black box problem. Some were additions we knew we would make (the AB Navigo 12 foot dinghy and 25 hp Yamaha outboard). We added a lot more than we deleted and we shifted a fair amount from the factory to the dealer. In May 2019 we went hard with another 10% payment.

The balance will be paid as she leaves the factory so we need insurance for the shipping and commissioning phase. I have been told that based on the availability of a freighter commissioning will be done between Uchimata in La Rochelle and Just Catamarans with scheduled delivery around February 1, 2020. We are hull 111. Commissioning is a huge process. Lots is added post factory such as the faux teak decks and electronics. All the systems need to be tested. We have our fingers crossed for an on time delivery.


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