• Captain Steve

Commissioning Headaches

The commissioning of a new boat, particularly a big boat, is incredibly complex. First is the logistics of getting people to do the work. Commissioning is either feast or famine. If you only have one boat to commission it goes quickly. If you have fifteen it takes fifteen times as long. Actual commissioning should take a couple weeks, but resources are shared among many boats. There are three major tasks in commissioning. The first, which is obvious, is to install all the things the manufacturer didn’t provide. Perhaps you want to have different electronics (we did), different solar (we did), a different washer dryer (we did). Second, is to do all those things that have to be done after the boat leaves the factory. Rigging the boat, bottom paint, cleaning the boat, etc. The third, and this was a big surprise to me, was fixing all the stuff the manufacturer didn’t do right in the factory. For example, two of our five air conditioning units didn’t work. We had the air conditioner strainers upgraded. While replacing the factory strainers we discovered that two of the three through hulls to bring water to the units were broken. We then learned one of the four bilge pumps wasn’t working. And on and on. And when commissioning is done the owner has to do post commissioning. We have over 40 boxes of personal stuff for the boat along with bedding, toys, fishing gear, etc.

Over the past few days I have been trying to accomplish some of the post commissioning tasks along side the actual commissioning. For example, I built some storage racks in the port bow storage area and mounted a bracket to hold lines and fishing poles. I poked around throughout the boat and lubricated all the fitting I could find. I hung out in the engine rooms and was bewildered by all the wires and hoses. I spent some time familiarizing myself with the electronics and configured my phone and watch to talk to the boat. I unpacked 9 boxes of stuff. I also am finishing the cockpit table with epoxy and varnish. Very tired at the end of the day. Fortunately, I had Coyote overseeing the effort.


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