• Captain Steve

Batteries, batteries, batteries

The boat is full of batteries. Directly wired into the boat are 6, 150 ah AGM batteries to run everything on the boat that is 12 volts such as the refrigerators, the instruments and the lights as well as providing 120 volts to the outlets through an inverter. In addition there are two starter batteries dedicated to starting the engines and generator.

But what about all those other things that require batteries – like flashlights for example? These all need to be checked, charged and replaced over time. More and more items now have rechargeable lithium batteries. Some, like our InReach seem to never lose a charge when not in use. Others need to have the batteries replaced regularly. Some, like the EPIRB and Defibrillator, need to be checked regularly. In general, everything will be checked at least every four months. Onboard, we have a maintenance check list to remind us of when to check, charge or replace. II was shocked when I listed how many categories of battery powered devices we have on board. I counted 24 categories, and many categories have multiple items, such as flashlights, or life jacket lights.


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