• Captain Steve

A First Look

Margie and I traveled to La Rochelle, France in late November to see Coyote and do a factory tour. Coyote was in the yard, waiting for some testing and shipment to Uchimata in La Rochelle. They will begin the commissioning before being transported by ship to Fort Lauderdale.

Atlantic Cruising Yachts, our broker, has a full time representative there to coordinate the tour. The factory seemed a bit less automated than did the Beneteau factory which we toured a few years ago, but their process is no less well thought out. The boat moves from station to station every couple days and leaves the factory just a few short weeks after it begins in a mold. Most systems are modular and are dropped in at various stages of the production schedule. I am no expert, even an educated amateur, but I couldn’t find much in their approach to quibble about.

We spent some time with another Saona 47 owner who will be circumnavigating. He is equipping his boat for such an adventure as he plans to live about 8-10 years. The biggest difference is that he has a lot more solar power than us and is going with lithium batteries which are far more efficient than what we have.

I’m a little surprised how much goes into commissioning post leaving the factory. First, at Uchimata (not a Japanese company) and Just Catamarans in Fort Lauderdale. Commissioning will take as long as it did to build the boat.


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