• Captain Steve

A change of plans

When we ordered Coyote almost two years ago we anticipated taking delivery in January 2020 in Fort Lauderdale. This would give us four months to test the boat and enjoy the Bahamas with friends and family before heading home to California through the Panama Canal. Now that hand over is scheduled for the end of March, we would have but two months to cruise and prep the boat before heading home. We had the boat delivered to Florida in order to cruise that part of the world. Why rush to get home? We now have decided to head North at the beginning of hurricane season rather than South and spend the summer in the Chesapeake and then have a full season in the Bahamas or Caribbean afterwards before heading home.

Now some would argue that “real” cruisers don’t make such detailed fixed plans, but for most of us it is not an option. We are not full time live aboards and we have lots of guests – both friends and family and they generally have very fixed schedules. The key, I believe, is to have a detailed plan, but build in flexibility. If you need to be in Nassau on a specific date to pick up or drop off crew give yourself enough time for weather or repair delays and add some time in case you find on your way a place you want to stay a bit longer. Besides, for me, planning is part of the fun. Yes, my many page detailed plan for sailing South is now out the window – or at least delayed, but I had a ball researching marinas, bays and the Panama Canal. We now get to do it all over again for the Atlantic Coast!


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