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There are a million apps to make life easier. The following are my favorite for the boat. I exclude from this list apps that are primary interfaces with onboard systems such as the iridiumGo app, the Active Captain app and the Victron app. I figure these are pretty much “must haves” if you have the corresponding electronics.

· Navionics – almost free it is, to me, the most complete navigation app available. Not only is it a great navigation chart package, which can easily be updated daily if you desire, but by clicking on various icons you can get all sorts of information on marinas, anchorages and special features

· PredictWind – a subscription service it is the most complete weather forecasting tool available. While its weather routing tool is a bonus, it is more of a toy than a serious additional feature. I like that you can easily switch between forecasting models and compare noting that if they all coincide with each other the forecast is likely pretty good.

· Windy – another forecasting app, it is free and very easy to use. Helpful with currents and other neat stuff.

· Anchor Alarm – got to have one. I like the one I use as it is easy to move the anchor position. I seldom remember to turn it on when I drop the anchor so when I do “drop” the app anchor I can move it easily to where the real anchor is at.

· Marine bells – I like turning it on at night when off watch. The bells tell me how much more time I have to sleep.

· Shipfinder – I use mostly on shore to track AIS targets.

· Sextant – I use the sextant a fair amount. While using the app is cheating, I often use it to test how well I’ve measured the sun. I then do the long hand version.

· NOAA Radar Weather App – another app I use mostly onshore to track severe weather.

· CBP Roam – Haven’t used it in action yet as it recently reached the West Coast. It is used to check into the US when coming from a foreign country.

· Ovitalmap – not sure this isn’t just another google earth but nice to see a satellite image of a chart.

· Pocket Grib – Used to be my “go to” wind forecaster as it requires little bandwith, but with my IridiumGo I now can get PredictWind forecasts

· Dockwa – another new app for me that looks useful in booking marinas. Be careful as it doesn’t include some of the best

· Open CPN – I’m becoming more familiar and enjoy this mapping software, but find little advantage over the inexpensive Navionics or the expensive, but necessary Garmin chart software


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